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Hilda Jones

Abacela Hilda Jones

Hilda Jones always wanted to live on a farm, but grew up in the sun-drenched city of Tallahassee. Her mother, a fashion designer, and father, an accountant turned business owner, immigrated from Iceland to Florida before Hilda was born and their courage runs in her veins. “When you have parents who leave one country for another it gives you a different perspective.”

That's why Hilda didn't hesitate to leave her successful career as a medical technologist to move across the country with Earl and their youngest daughters, Hanna and Meredith, to plant a vineyard and build a winery. She met her husband through research – Earl had a piece of rare lab equipment she needed to borrow – and trusted his approach to work and life. Hilda had also come to share his love of wine and the food, culture and history of Spain.

Hilda wasn't afraid to swap status, security and familiar surroundings and start a new life as viticulturists in rural Oregon. “The worst that could happen was it wouldn't work,” she says with a smile. “I figured if that happened we'd sell out and move on. I never saw it as a chance of failing.”