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Greg Jones, Ph.D.

Abacela Greg Jones

Greg was appointed CEO of Abacela in August 2021. A world-renowned atmospheric scientist and wine climatologist, he has held research and teaching positions at the University of Virginia, Southern Oregon University, and most recently, Linfield University. For over twenty-five years his research has firmly linked weather and climate with grapevine growth, fruit chemistry, and wine characteristics in regions all around the globe. His work was also one of the first to tie climate change to fundamental biological phenomena in vines and the resulting influences on productivity and quality. His groundbreaking work has informed and influenced the wine industry across the globe. Dr. Jones also has lifelong ties to the Oregon wine community, most closely with his family winery and vineyards at Abacela. To find out more about his research and access videos, podcasts, and publications visit this website (www.climateofwine.com).

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