Grenache Rose 2010

Grenache Rose 2010

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Winemaker Notes

In its native land, Spain, this grape is called Garnacha and a wine of this style a rosado. We farm certain vineyard blocks for the sole purpose of making this wine style. The beautiful color, fresh aromas, and elegant texture are the result of brief skin contact and a slow, cold fermentation. This dry wine entices with aromas of strawberry and watermelon mingled with flavors of cherries and raspberries. The finish is crisp with notes of minerality. This rosé/rosado pairs well with a variety of traditional tapas and is great chilled on a hot summer afternoon.

Awards, Ratings, Reviews

Outstanding!, Wine Press Northwest
"Earl Jones and winemaker Andrew Wenzl earned a Platinum for their 2008 Rosado, and while they now name this after the variety from which that was made, this vintage shows continued brilliance. And its striking color does not mislead. It portends sensations of maraschino cherry, fresh cranberry, strawberries/rhubarb compote, raspberry and juicy currant. The finish is bone dry, and its tartness provides a delicious bounce on the palate for a wide range of appetizers on a summer afternoon."

Wine of the Week, Wine Press Northwest (Oct. 11, 2011)

Technical Notes

Fruit Source:  Abacela’s Estate Fault Line Vineyards
Appellation:  Umpqua Valley Oregon
Harvest Date:  15 October 2010
At harvest:  Sugar; 22.6° brix pH; 3.35 TA; 10.0 g/L
Cooperage:  Stainless Steel
Alcohol:  13.2% by volume
Bottling Date:  28 February 2011
Release Date:  1 April 2011
Case Production:  180 (750 mL)