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Wine-Photography Trip in Spain

Abacela Winery and Nature Photography Adventures
September 2–12, 2017

When you sip a great wine and slowly let it play on your taste buds, you taste your own tasting experiences (chocolate, pepper, earthy flavors), the season (the rainfall, the heat, the chill of that year), the land (the soil, how it’s managed, and how it orients to sun), and the vision of the winemaker. When you taste at Abacela, you taste Oregon’s year of weather coupled with the soils and orientation of the vineyards coupled with the vision of Earl and Hilda Jones. And that vision came largely from their time in Spain.

When you view a great photographic image, it plays around in your mind, calling on your experiences in the world, the attributes of the subject, the quality and direction of the light, and the vision of the photographer. Bob Harvey and Diane Kelsay have spent their careers designing images to inspire viewers to care about precious natural and cultural treasures of the planet.

Spain1Abacela and Nature Photography Adventures have combined to design and lead a tour to La Rioja and Ribera del Duero that weaves together a wine and photography experience that will change the way you view wine – and send you home with images that capture the essence of your understanding of winemaking and its relationship to its cultural and natural settings.

It’s time to join Earl and Hilda and Bob and Diane for an exploration of those wine producing regions of Spain that most influence Earl and Hilda to leave medicine and found Abacela Vineyards – La Rioja and Ribera del Duero.

We'll look at how the wineries of these remarkable region sit in the shadows of amazing history, at their soils, at the grape varieties, at their ways of making and aging wines, and the vision of the winemakers. Earl and Hilda will help us understand how the terroir, varieties and visions of the winemakers, how they compare to other wine regions, and how they inspired the wine growing and making at Abacela. Bob and Diane will help us capture images of the vineyards, the winemaking and aging facilities, and the surrounding historic countryside in images that will capture our memories of this trip and our visions of how we see the relationship between history, wine, and our own experiences. Syrah2

Each of our days will weave together great opportunities to experience the beauty and rich history of this region of Spain with visits to bodegas that Earl and Hilda have identified as important representation of the region or greatly influential on their own path in winemaking. We’ll dine on local cuisine and taste many wines. We'll visit castles, Roman aqueducts, cathedrals, and underground cellars, and stay in remarkable lodgings.

This wine and photography adventure begins in Madrid, Spain and ends in Bilbao, Spain. Check out the Itinerary to find out the rich set of experiences we have in store for you.

Double Occupancy $7,200
Single Occupancy $8,750

$2,000 with application, balance due by May 1, 2017

eMail bob@naturephotographyadventures.com for application today!